album covers

I have illustrated album covers for vinyl 7” singles, CDs, and digital albums.

It’s Been So Long 7” by Weezer

I illustrated the covers for the 2019 Weezer Fan Club exclusive 7” single, It’s Been So Long. Art direction and copious reference materials provided by Karl Koch.

Melatonin studios

In 2018 I illustrated the album covers for Wurli Bird Special by Sudara Williams and Free As a Hotel by Ben Montgomery, which were both mixed and mastered at Melatonin Studios. Art direction for both these covers was done by Sudara Williams.

Ramen Music

In 2010 I drew a series of covers for the curated online music site Ramen Music.  Art direction by Sudara Williams.

The Harry Potter Alliance

In 2008 I illustrated the front and back cover of the Rocking Out Against Voldemedia compilation for The Harry Potter Alliance. It was a fun chance to draw a lot of characters from Harry Potter and a bunch of hand lettering, all for a good cause.