Book Covers

I have illustrated book covers for comic books, comics anthologies, picture books, and graphic novels.

picture books

I illustrated the covers to three picture books, Night is Nigh, 100 Watercolors and Alec’s Animal Alphabet.

Bravest Warriors

In 2012 and 2013 I drew the covers for issues #5 and #12 of the Bravest Warriors comic book, published by BOOM! Studios.  Art direction by Shannon Watters.

comics anthologies

In 2015 I illustrated the cover for Cartozia Tales #7 art directed by Isaac Cates. In 2011 I illustrated the cover to DRAGONS! an anthology published by Tugboat Press, which I co-edited with Greg Means and which featured the characters from my webcomic Isle of Elsi. In 2007 I illustrated the cover of Papercutter #6, which was also published by Tugboat Press, and which I edited. It went on to win the 2007 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Debut.


Phase Seven Comics Collections

Since 2002 I have proudly self-published my minicomic Phase 7. When an arc of issues is complete, I create a collection, all of which can be found on the Phase Seven Comics website, or on the L’employé du Moi website, for the French versions of my comics.